All new chiropractic patients begin their care with a consultation by the doctor. During the consultation the patient’s current health concerns are discussed and the doctor decides if the patient has a condition that chiropractic care can help. This also serves as an opportunity for patients with health insurance to verify their coverage before treatment begins. All consultations are done at no charge.

History and Examination:

The doctor will begin the visit with a thorough discussion of the patient’s health problems and health history to obtain adequate information to identify the correct diagnosis. The physical examination portion of the visit includes neurologic and orthopedic tests, stress and muscle evaluation, and spinal and postural analysis.


Based on the examination findings, Xrays or other diagnostic imaging may be necessary. These images provide valuable information about the patient’s spinal and general health. They also help the doctor create your specific treatment program. The doctor may recommend that Xrays of the area of complaint be taken for further evaluation. If Xrays of the spine have been taken at another facility, they can be requested through the mail.

Report of Findings:

After the doctor reviews the patient’s health history, examination findings, and Xrays, a diagnosis and treatment plan will be presented. At this time, the doctor may recommend additional tests or a consultation with a medical specialist if the condition warrants.

Safe, Effective Treatment:

Our primary course of care is the “hands-on” chiropractic adjustment. This helps return the spinal joints to their proper motion. Ice, heat, and other physiotherapeutic modalities are also used to help reduce inflammation, provide relief or enhance the healing process. Exercises may also be prescribed to address problem areas. In our office, treatment is considered a partnership between the patient and the doctor.