I have always been too scared to go to a chiropractor! Heard crazy stories about once you go, you always have to go and how a bad one could really screw you up. But getting older brings new pains that sometime become unbearable.

I am so glad I was referred to Bonnie! She reassured me that the goal was to fix me up- not have me coming in forever. She even convinced me to try adjusting my neck (the thing I feared the most!) and it was awesome.

I would recommend her to anyone!

Kathy H.
Dr. Fischer is the first chiropractor I have visited. I came in to treat sciatica pain and wanted to learn more about the condition to treat the issue and prevent future problems. Taking NSAIDS or Tylenol is not an option as I am not interested in masking symptoms. I couldn’t be more impressed with Dr. Fischer and her methodologies. My initial appointment started with a complete exam and a few adjustments. I felt relieve immediately. Follow-up sessions included more targeted therapy, education, and stretches I can do at home.

I have never been to a more thorough doctor who is extremely passionate about the profession and your well-being. Thank you!

Hades S.
After having my baby, I started to develop severe pain in my lower back which was constant and sharp. I initially thought it was sciatica because I had issues with that during my pregnancy. The pain became so bad I developed a limp too. I knew I needed to see someone to help me fix it. After just one visit with Bonnie my pain was subdued and the limp was gone. She figured out it was actually an issue with my sacroiliac joints and after several more visits, the pain has gone away completely. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I was so incredibly happy I contacted Bonnie. I’m now limp free and not in pain anymore and I can just enjoy playing with my new baby!
Anya R.
Bonnie helped me in the last two weeks of my pregnancy. I had a pelvic joint coming out of whack due to loosening up in pregnancy and it hurt. She adjusted the joint back in place, I had immediate relief. The adjustment lasted several days, I repeated about twice a week for those last days of pregnancy. I wish I had gone in sooner, as I was suffering pain needlessly for a few weeks prior to finally seeking help. Bonnie got me in quickly and was very kind and helpful.
Melinda V.
Bonnie is amazing! I was having some knee pain from taking up a new workout style and she gave me all kinds of stretches to help alleviate the issue, along with multiple chiropractic sessions. She was very detailed about what each of the stretches was doing and what she thought the issues were with my knees- very informative! I will definitely come back to see her with any other sports-related injuries.
Jasmin K.
I’ve owed Bonnie this review for awhile.

Before I was treated by Bonnie I had a very bad view of chiropractors from a previous experience I had before. I viewed this quacks that were basically making it up as they went along.

I was referred to Bonnie by my wife, who had been treated by her while pregnant. I went in for the initial consultation, filled out some paperwork, and she setup a treatment plan and a path forward after a quick first exam. She prescribed a six week plan for me and she was able to identify and fix the issue by my second visit. The next four visits consisted of tune-up adjustments and her helping me develop stretching routines to keep me from having the same issues going forward. I still use some of the same stretches she showed me during and after workouts.

She has a great and positive attitude about what she does and is very serious about helping to fix you for the long haul. I owe her for her not just healing me but changing my outlook on chiropractors. I can’t say enough good things about her. I highly recommend her.

Ken O.
This review is long overdue… Especially since I have Bonnie to thank for making the last few months of my pregnancy pain free. I started seeing Bonnie after a rib popped out during my second trimester (on top of the back pain I was already suffering from). It was instant relief, and I started seeing Bonnie on a weekly basis for the remainder of my pregnancy. I can honestly say I felt better during those months than I did pre-pregnancy! Bonnie is warm, friendly, professional and obviously very good at what she does. I would not hesitate to recommend her!!
Gina S.
I went to Bonnie Fischer for chiropractic treatment because I’m pregnant and found out my baby was in the breech position when I was 36 weeks along. After doing some internet research, I learned that Dr. Fischer is certified in the Webster technique, which has been successful in helping breech babies to turn around.

I’ve been to her several times — each time I leave with less back pain. She uses a special table for pregnant women so the adjustments feel both gentle and effective. After going to her for 2 weeks, an ultrasound showed that my baby has turned around!

She also takes my Aetna insurance, so I only have to pay $10 a visit! And there’s a big parking lot right outside her office, so parking is easy and free.

Beth C.
Bonnie is the best Webster Certified chiropractor for pregnancy in San Diego, especially if you’re covered through Sharp Healthplan! You get 20 visits a year, and this is the best time I could ever use my Chiro coverage. I am pregnant with twins, and hoping to go the natural birth route, also needing lots of relief for my hips, low back and pelvis area . Bonnie is wonderful to work with and she gives very gentle yet effective treatment. I feel results with her immediately and look forward to every visit.
Jenson P.
Dr. Bonnie Fischer is everything I look for in a doctor. Professional; caring; listens; excellent diagnostician; effective, gentle treatments; and sticks to her appointment schedule; and doesn’t “up-sell” extra or unneeded services.

I saw the doctor initially for chronic neck pain accompanied by frequent, often severe headaches related to prior neck fractures.

The treatment was a full range of muscle work, pressure and adjustments and stretching exercises. With the initial symptoms resolved, we have progressed to treating other chronic issues.

I very highly recommend Dr. Bonnie Fischer.

Cameron B.
Years of increased chronic back pain eventually ended my participation in sports like golf, surfing, running, basketball, and working out at the gym. I finally became fed up with a life without sports and knew it was time to see if I could find relief, but I had no idea which chiropractor to turn to. I lucked out, big time, because I happened to find Dr. Fischer’s office conveniently located and she has far exceeded all my expectations. My appointments with Dr. Fischer have now become happy highlights of my hectic, draining weekly schedule.

During the course of our sessions, she has educated me on many chiropractic topics and has taught me unique exercises and stretches that target my problem areas by increasing my range of motion and relieving tension on over-worked, tension-filled back muscles. She customized these exercises so that I can easily do them during free time in my office, aka the burrow where pure anxiety and stress brood. So, in a sense, her chiropractic care extends beyond the walls of her building and integrates into your overall lifestyle.

When speaking of chiropractors, the question arises regarding the quality of the adjustments. Dr. Fischer has adjusted deep parts of my vertebrae that held years of strain. Her neck adjustments are inexplicably divine. She has an adjustment technique grounded in a gentle, sensitive, intricate, confident firmness that could alleviate anyone of any shape and size. After her adjustments I feel cleansed, refreshed, revived, renewed, and relaxed.

If you’re on a tight schedule, she can be super-efficient and get things done in a very timely manner. She truly loves her practice and wholeheartedly believes in the benefit of incorporating chiropractic care to those with significant neck and back issues. It is evident that she’s not in it merely for the cash, but primarily for the soulful delight she has seeing every single one of her patients leave her office with a huge smile (as I do).

Aorist T.
Dr. Fischer is a fantastic chiropractor. She has a way to establish a good rapport with her patients and can make you feel very comfortable throughout the visit. She is thorough and knowledgeable. You can tell that she take a genuine interest in your well being. I’m a chiropractor myself and I can say that her adjustments are both comfortable and effective. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fischer.
Alicia O.
Having been my first experience with a Chiropractor, I could not have asked for a better one. Dr. Bonnie is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious, has a terrific bedside manner, the office staff is great, and they take insurance too. She is always on time and I never feel like she’s being rushed (this is a huge plus for me!!). Plus, I’m so happy that she sees patients after normal business hours so that I don’t have to take any time off work. I would definitely recommend her for your chiropractic needs!
Sharron S.
Dr Bonnie Fischer is very professional, friendly and has great attitude with her patients. She was prepared to take the time to really listen to my concerns and to discuss possible causes and treatments in depth, while also being considerate and understanding. Both her demeanor and medical knowledge inspire a high degree of trust, and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Bonnie Fischer to anyone.
Roy M.
Dr. Fischer rocks. I came in with some lower back pain. I was feeling pretty dang uncomfortable. Doc assessed the situation, did some muscle work to loosen me up, then started her magic with the adjustments. A few tweaks – snap, pop – and I felt better immediately.

It’s pretty dang obvious that Dr. Fischer knows what she’s doing. Firm and gentle at the same time. She is super cool. The appointments/ sessions are casual. Not uptight or clinical.

Each time I go, I leave feeling better.

Phu P.
Dr. Fischer is caring, thorough and a great listener. I work in construction. I’m stiff and sore all the time, especially in my lower back. But every time I see her, I walk out pain-free.

She usually puts muscle stim on me for about 15 minutes, and then performs her adjustments on my whole back. She then flips me and adjusts my neck. She’s VERY thorough and I often end up spending an hour in her office. Between my insurance ASH and pre-payment for a few visits, I get all this for $15 co-pay.

James K.