Bonnie Fischer, D.C. Supports Blondes vs Brunettes

February 1, 2014 kicked off the second annual Blondes vs Brunettes Flag Football match to tackle Alzheimer's Disease in San Diego. The charity raised over $28,000 in support of San Diego's Alzheimer's Association. Bonnie Fischer, D.C., a local chiropractor based in Mission Valley, and Aaron Tasker, a certified massage therapist, took part in the event

Movember: Celebrating Men’s Health!

Hey men, we know you like to work hard and play hard so in honor of Movember we want to share some tips with you on ways to reduce the occurrence of low back pain so you can stay at the top of your game! Most of us have jobs that are sedentary in nature

Spinning Babies: A Non-Invasive Approach to Turning Breech Babies

For those who don't know it, chiropractic has a great technique (Webster) that helps expecting mothers restore proper pelvic alignment so that the process of natural childbirth can be helped along. I also came across this article from Natural Baby Pros that offers some more tips to help get that baby ready for Delivery Day!!!!!

Gardening and Back Pain

I had a new patient come into the office the other week who is in relatively good shape and had no prior episodes of back pain, but, when he was in his yard the weekend before doing typical gardening chores, he felt a "pop" in his back while leaning forward to pull out a root